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The History of  Straw Crafts

Toms Finials.JPG
Here at The Straw Store we are continuing the tradition of making straw animals for thatched roofs.

Traditions & Superstitions.​

Straw crafts including Finials and Corn Dollies have been made for centuries.  Corn Dollies were given as tokens of love or good luck and were often related to protecting or appeasing the corn spirit to insure a successful harvest the following year.  The straw Finials often took pride of place on top of a newly thatched rick.  These were put in place to show who owned the rick and people believed that the finials would keep the witches occupied and therefor leave the content of the straw rick untouched! 

The early straw ornaments often took the form of Cockerels and crosses.  The finials soon made their way onto the thatched cottages and the variety of straw sculptures expanded.  We now offer a wide range of Straw Finials for sale to give the finishing touch to your beautiful new thatched roof and if you can't see what you are looking for please contact us and we will do our best to make it for you. 

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